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User Reviews for: Perfect Strangers

8/10  6 years ago
mmm fajny film.. niezłe dialogi.. wartka akcja.. pomimo, że całość właściwie toczy się w jednym mieszkaniu, przy jednej kolacji.. trochę jak rzeź polańskiego, ale weselej;) kurcze.. zazdrościłam.. tej atmosfery, szóstki przyjaciół, którzy raczej jedzą, są, przekomarzają się, i w sumie są w moim wieku.. wuefista gej, terapeutka (wow, kasia smutniak.. laska.. ), weterynarka, etc etc.. pomysł, by ujawniali treść swoich komórek może i taki infantylny, ale... rezultat.. wow.. nagle się okazuje, że dwóch facetów ma kochanki, żona jednego z nich prowadzi przez net lubieżne rozmowy, drugiego ma romans z tym pierwszym, jeden z kolesi jest gejem, a jego laska to nie Lucia a Lucio, chirurg ma żal do ojca swojej żony, że ten uważa go za niegodnego jej córki.. żona chirurga, chce mieć operację plastyczną piersi, żeby bardziej podobać się kolesiowi, z ich paczki, z którym ma romans.. a ten, który ma romans właśnie dowiaduje się ma dziecko z dyspozytorką, zresztą, o tym samym dowiaduje się też jego niedawno poślubiona żona, która sama radzi w intymnych sprawach swojemu eks, i żona chirurga.. fajnie.. fajnie? .. tia.. widzimy też wersję, krótką, gdy te wszystkie tajemnice na jaw nie wychodzą, a cała szóstka bawi się osobno, zachowując sekrety w zaciszu swoich telefonów.. "czarnych skrzynek".. film fajny.. pokazuje, że każdy coś skrywa, każdy może zranić, nikt nie jest do końca fair, nawet gdy myśli, że jest fair.. ale lepiej to wydobyć.. i zwierzyć się, komuś bliskiemu, że się pobłądziło, bo tylko wtedy można coś z tym zrobić.. oni pewnie przyzwycziliby się do kumpla geja.. młode małżeństwo pewnie by się rozpadło.. a facet musiałby wziąć choć raz w życiu za nie trochę odpowiedzialności.. małżeństwo terapeutki i chirurga pewnie stałoby się sobie bliższe.. a carlotta i lele może wreszcie zaczęliby ze sobą otwarcie rozmawiać, a nie ranić się nawzajem, nie wprost (ja opiekuję się twoją mamusią, ale tego nienawidzę, a ty wziąłeś na siebie moją winę za wypadek, i będziesz miał sprawę, choć tego nie chcesz).. i chyba tak.. chyba tak powinno być.. gdyby zwyciężyła wersja nr 2, to.. "co to jest, jak się chce z kimś codziennie rozmawiać pół godziny? -miłość. - a jak godzinę? -szaleństwo z miłości. -a jak w ogóle? -MAŁŻEŃSTWO".. ratunek? według mnie, szczerość.. i wzajemna tolerancja na upadki.. end..
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/10  4 years ago
> Is your cell phone safe to make a transparency?

Usually the films based on the dinner party associate with either family or the friends reunion and sometimes business related affair. But there's always a reason for such gathering like it might be a wedding, funeral, anniversary, a school reunion, getting a job or promotion, victory celebration et cetera. In this film, it was some long time friends meet which seems its their regular thing to do often. This tale covers one such fine evening to reveal what they actually do. A limited cast and one night event based film that cleverly and cautiously covers sensitive topics of the married life and trust of the friendship.

It has been almost a year since my last Italian film and now I'm happy for choosing this. I was not certain that I would like it till I saw it. So I would say same to you that see it first and then judge the product. This is really a good comedy-drama with a dark tone. We all adapted the modern way of life and gadgets makes so easy to accomplish things around us. In that, cell phones might come the first. Carrying it all the time became only next to wearing clothes, surely an artificial/digital sense of man. It also has some flaws, like it may land you in troubles as it's a part of AI, not human. I think it is easy to forecast a man's future by checking out his phone rather than his horoscope.

Seven friends, including three married couples and one single man gather for a dinner party. They have been doing it for a very long time and that's where they all can share each others current life affair. Having some laughs and serious discussions, it defines the strength of their relationship. Every occasions won't be the same, there's always a first time for everything. That's how the event comes crashing out.

While the party was going smooth, unexpectedly a game emerges that they all must place their phones on the table to prove they have no secrets from each other. Incoming and outgoing calls, texts, emails, everything must be heard by everyone at the table. What do you think would happen? Before saying anything, just place yourself in that position and do you think you can get away with a clean slate? Obviously tough to answer that, only practical observation would bring the result.

> "He's seeing a therapist, not a whore! Come on!"

Everytime when there's an alert for an incoming call or message, the atmosphere gets more tense and as a viewer I went blinkless. It is not about what people hid from others, it is the reaction in the room when their secret was exposed. This is when adults become teenagers who try to explain the stuff when their parents find out their secrets. And so the friends become complete strangers. Because friends must back each other in the bad times, but in this scenario, it was totally out of the proportion regarding their action. Okay, if we push away the friendship, then how's the married one should take it. Feels very simple, since everyone involved in something, it has turned out to be a complicated affair.

Like I said I've seen plenty of similar themed films, but this one was something unique in a simple way. There's a vast difference between what do you witness in the opening compared to how it concludes. A bad mouth can spoil a beautiful occasion, but now it is avoided since people learnt to shut their mouth. Just remember the film 'August: Osage County' and this film was no way close to it as a story, but developed to the next gen, the digital troubles the mankind had set to face. This film revealed how much a cell phone would cause trouble, then think what would happen with the robots of the tomorrow. Surely in 20-30 years from now, a similar film will be made with the bots.

At some point, I thought it might be the Italian version of the 'Coherence' for inclusion of lunar eclipse in the plot. I'm not going to say anything about that, you'll get it in your watch. There's no end twist, but it was an unexpected final scene. By then you will understand the meaning of the title. Awesome screenplay and well performed actors, this is one of the best films of the year so far. This is not a sci-fi or a thriller or a visual spectacular, but a smart little drama and I'm sensing that somebody might consider it for a remake. I know everyone won't like as much I did, but I won't end my review without recommending it. If you like talk movies, sure you does enjoy it.

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6/10  2 years ago
"Perfect Strangers" is a homage to old Italian-style comedy but also a fresh and contemporary film at the same time. A group of friends meets for one of their usual dinner parties, and decide to play a game where they share the content of all text messages and phone calls they receive.
The game at first is used as a smart plot device to tell us more about the life situations and character of each friend, but as the dinner goes on, everyone's darkest secrets get exposed in a series of plot twists.

This film has been largely described as a critique of the role of smartphones and technology play in our lives. Honestly, I thought the technology just happened to be a vehicle like another to reflect on the subtle and delicate balances of human relationships, on how friendships and love stories can be both kept together and torn apart by unspoken truths, silences, and hypocrisy.

Most of the film takes place in a living room with the camera moving around the seven main characters, their phones, and the food they are sharing. It's hard to make such a one-set, dialogue-driven film entertaining. However, the quick direction, the incredible chemistry of the cast and their natural, fast-paced dialogues manage to make you feel at home. It was almost like sitting there and sharing dinner with the characters.

The acting is mostly solid but might feel a bit too much for international audiences as the tone of the conversations if typically Italian. The dialogues are witty and well written, even though there are times the film gets suddenly overly didactic with unnatural monologues or obvious moral statements from one of the characters. The melodramatic, intrusive soundtrack full of tear-jerking strings also tends to jump in a lot during these moments. It's a minor portion of the film but kind of spoil the fun of what would otherwise be one of the finest examples of modern Italian filmmaking.
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