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Rings Poster


Horror, Thriller
Some time after the events of The Ring, a subculture of people voluntarily watch Samara Morgan's video and wait to see how close to the seven-day deadline they can get before showing it to the next person. They record everything they see and share their experiences on a secret website dedicated to the videotape. No one has ever recorded a day seven.
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Directed By: Jonathan Liebesman

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AlfieSGD says...
2 months ago
For a cheaply produced short film that was intended to serve as a prequel to the follow-up to the US version of "The Ring", "Rings" is quite alright. It features a few actors you might know, and the premise is moderately intriguing. However, the execution didn't exactly blow me away. Above all, I don't like the direction the series is taking. After all, if pretty much everyone knows the killer video at some point, all suspense is lost. I honestly don't know how the series could work without a mystery element. I'm still waiting for a sequel (not a remake) to Ring/Ringu that doesn't disappoint me.
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