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The Grandmother

1h 41m
Drama, Horror
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The Grandmother' Poster
Susana leaves her life in Paris, where she works as a model, and returns to Madrid to take care of her grandmother Pilar.
The Grandmother Poster

The Grandmother

1h 41m
Drama, Horror
Susana leaves her life in Paris, where she works as a model, and returns to Madrid to take care of her grandmother Pilar.
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Berta Snchez
Child Susana
Alba Bonnin
Child Eva
Ileana Wilson
Doctor Romero
Chacha Huang
Burger Joint Waitress
Lle Godoy
Agency Person #1
Pia Hessel
Agency Person #2
Marta Crespo
Nurse (voice)
Esther Vaquero
Anchorwoman (voice)
Jos M Gimeno
Crashed Car Driver
Pa LabordeNoguez
Party Young Woman
Erick Faulkner
Written By: Carlos Vermut (Screenplay)

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miguelreina says...
12 months ago
It uses horror to build a reflection of the passage of time, of the immediacy of beauty (Vera Valdez, the grandmother, was a model for Coco Chanel), wrapped in a story of witchcraft and decrepitude. It makes clever use of sounds, of the creaks of the old apartment, and has a soundtrack that sets a dark atmosphere rather than simply highlighting the tense moments. But it is a simple horror, low risk, whose references to "Repulsion" (Roman Polanski, 1975) works against him.
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pigfaced says...
7 months ago
It's creepy, looks and sounds great, Very much "Rosemary's Baby" feels. and scary- that we get old. unfortunately it tells you exactly what's happening within the first 2 minutes, and if you missed it, four or five more times just after that, and even more throughout with loads of not-at all-subtle imagery. Not a film for veteran movie watchers.
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Saint Pauly says...
12 months ago
It's like an old movie on late night TV that isn't worth changing channels for. A Parisian model is called back to Madrid after her grandmother has a stroke. But as she starts taking care of her elderly abuela, mysterious things begin happening. This feels like a remake of The Omen, but at the opposite end of life. It has the same slow beginning, the same weird events, and the same predictable climax. I expected more from the director of [Rec]. The scariest thing about this movie is thinking about how people are going to have to change your diapers one day.
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the_dreameater says...
12 months ago
as a horror movie it's nothing groundbreaking, 10 minutes into the movie you already know how it will end, the story isn't incredibly inventive or out there. still, it works. the jump scares are well put and the way they revolve around age and how everything is so ethereal is nice, and there is no overcomplicated explanation around the plot or it's motivations. a good watch if you like the genre, just nothing too creative when it comes to plot.
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