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The King's Man

2h 11m
Action, Adventure, Thriller, War
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The Kings Man Poster
As a collection of history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them.
The Kings Man Poster

The King's Man

2h 11m
Action, Adventure, Thriller, War
As a collection of history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them.
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The King's Man is set to premiere on Hulu on February 18th 2022.
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Ralph Fiennes
Orlando, Duke of Oxford
Rhys Ifans
Matthew Goode
Tom Hollander
King George V / Kaiser Wilhelm II /...
Daniel Brhl
Erik Jan Hanussen
Charles Dance
Martin Razpopov
Sarajevo Prison Warden
Olivier Richters
Huge Guard
Branka Kati
Maja Simonsen
Pretty Girl
Stevee Davies
Connor Calland
Pub Soldier
Alexander Shaw
Young Conrad
Bevan Viljoen
Boer Sniper
Shaun Scott
Kingsman Tailor #1
Directed By: Matthew Vaughn
Written By: Matthew Vaughn (Story), Karl Gajdusek (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

zdistrict says...
4 weeks ago
"The original Kingsman were action packed fun movies that were very entertaining and surprising with some very colorful characters, and I had the same expectations for The Kings Man but they just took too a historical route which made it too long to get to the origins of the Kings Man - I wanted to love the movie, and enjoyed the first too and this was fun but not nearly as good and funny as the originals, that's the simplest way to put it."
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Bob.Frapples says...
4 weeks ago
"Not quite what I was expecting. The backdrop of World War I to do some _The Matrix_/_Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon_ stunts was some serious juxtaposition. There was history but this was a lot of fluffed up action, which wasn't always done really well. Some of the scenes involving the goat laden mountain top area just didn't work, specifically the parachute jump. Absolutely ridiculous. The special effects used a little bit after that where characters were being suspended off the side of the mountain looked terrible on the big screen of the movie theatre. We are talking Darth Maul falling to his cut in half death in _The Phantom Menace_. Last big problem was making Woodrow Wilson into a Great War era Bill Clinton getting caught in sexual misadventures in the White House. COME ON! The easter egg in the closing credits with a smirking Adolph Hitler makes you think there is more of these to come. I hope they improve on them a little bit."
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patrickjkellyii says...
a month ago
"A bit different than the predecessors, but also more of the same. The movie drags a bit with chains of fetch quests, but this has some of the best fight scenes in the entire series. I only wish the focus was a bit more reined in. A movie solely focused on Rasputin could have accomplished a lot of the same overarching themes without sacrificing flow and pacing. None-the-less, I enjoyed my time and the movie leaves me wanting more. Matthew Vaughn continues to demonstrate his talents and I look forward to his next project."
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compubike8 says...
4 weeks ago
"Pretty good origin story with lots of action. They threw in a couple of twisted scenes that would’ve been better left out."
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Featured User Reviews

a month ago
After being delayed multiple times from a planned November 2019 release; Writer/Director Matthew Vaughn has released the third film in the “Kingsman “film series with “The King’s Man”. This time around the movie looks back to the origins of the society dedicated to peace and solving global More
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