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User Comments for: They Shall Not Grow Old

Mad Matty says...
4 years ago
Everyone in the world should watch this film. It's absolutely incredible. The work that has gone into restoring the footage and putting together the sound effects and voices is absolutely remarkable. It's always fascinating to hear information from the people who were actually there fighting this horrific war. I think it speaks volumes that they all hate the glorification of war, and that when it was over, they didn't really care who won - They were ALL just glad it was over, on all sides. One of them stated that we must all make sure it will never happen again. These are the people who were there; these are the people we need to listen to. Never underestimate the devastation, the trauma, and the absolute hell that war is. This film should be played in schools every single year. Don't just stick a flag up on Facebook every November and say "Lest We Forget"... It means absolutely nothing! Actually remember what soldiers, medics, animals, and civilians really went through. Remember the true gore that war creates and all the people that suffer because of the stupidity of politics.
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