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They Shall Not Grow Old

1h 39m
Documentary, History, War
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They Shall Not Grow Old' Poster
A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of Armistice Day, and the end of the war.
They Shall Not Grow Old Poster

They Shall Not Grow Old

1h 39m
Documentary, History, War
A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of Armistice Day, and the end of the war.
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Thomas Adlam
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John Ashby
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Directed By: Peter Jackson
Written By: Peter Jackson

Featured Comments/Tips

smallclone says...
6 years ago
Superb. This was exceptional. Peter Jackson and his team painstakingly took 100 year old archive footage and somehow rendered it into HD. An absolute triumph. Very emotional to hear what the soldiers were going through. Should be compulsory viewing in schools or something. 9/10
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Mad Matty says...
5 years ago
Everyone in the world should watch this film. It's absolutely incredible. The work that has gone into restoring the footage and putting together the sound effects and voices is absolutely remarkable. It's always fascinating to hear information from the people who were actually there fighting this horrific war. I think it speaks volumes that they all hate the glorification of war, and that when it was over, they didn't really care who won - They were ALL just glad it was over, on all sides. One of them stated that we must all make sure it will never happen again. These are the people who were there; these are the people we need to listen to. Never underestimate the devastation, the trauma, and the absolute hell that war is. This film should be played in schools every single year. Don't just stick a flag up on Facebook every November and say "Lest We Forget"... It means absolutely nothing! Actually remember what soldiers, medics, animals, and civilians really went through. Remember the true gore that war creates and all the people that suffer because of the stupidity of politics.
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warnie says...
6 years ago
Incredible viewing. Really adds a certain realism to the brutality of war. In parts it's terrifying and it doesn't make for comfortable viewing - but then that's the point isn't it? War was terrible and this film really gives you a sense of that. Even though it's harrowing, any school kid taking history should watch this.
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trakt-caz says...
5 years ago
The colorization is superb and really brings this piece to life, amongst all death. The destruction of war is overwhelming. Disgusting.
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Featured User Reviews

9/10  4 years ago
I went into this mostly to see what results had Peter Jackson and his team achieved in restoring old footage. The visual aspect was what I was interested in, as I am not one for documentaries otherwise; but "They Shall Not Grow Old" is really something else.

The movie avoids to identify t More
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7/10  5 years ago
For the most part this is pretty standard History Channel, WWI, we band of brothers went off to battle type stuff. At least it definitely starts that way, the movie is old footage of young boys hustling off to war, footage of boot camp, soldier life, trench life and of course the hells of war, all s More
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6/10  4 years ago
A Peter Jackson-helmed documentary about the British troops of WWI. Given unlimited access to the Imperial War Museum's film archives and the BBC's catalog of old audio interviews with veterans, Jackson has pieced together a rather thorough inside look at the entire experience. From the enth More
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