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User Reviews for: They Shall Not Grow Old

7/10  6 years ago
For the most part this is pretty standard History Channel, WWI, we band of brothers went off to battle type stuff. At least it definitely starts that way, the movie is old footage of young boys hustling off to war, footage of boot camp, soldier life, trench life and of course the hells of war, all shown with narration from actual soldiers who lived this life. As to be expected the narration starts off good natured with tales of British patriotism and young boys lying about their age to rush off to die. It's hard to imagine a time where pride swelled this much, but it's easy to see why it isn't in such abundance these days, as you see how the harsh reality of soldier life and war hit these young pack of lads. The real impressive part is when the old black and white war footage becomes full screen and in color. Everything becomes more real and feels more recent. And the reality becomes more harsh. Dealing with gun fire and bombs isn't enough as your country doesn't even bother to get you boots that fit or more than one uniform, you're fed bread and butter and you fight off rats and lice all for God and country. You end up fighting some other kid in a different color uniform and you watch your friends brains get blown out of the back of their heads. Yes, war is hell, many a video game have shown us this over and over. I mean no disrespect for these young men that put their lives on the line and came back and got basically shit on, they deserve all the praise and respect in the world. It's the people that force these decisions in the first place that I blame. I don't mean to sound so edgy and cynical, but I can't help it, I just watched depressing war stories for the past 90 minutes.
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