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Burn Notice

TV Show
USA Network
7 Seasons
111 Episodes
Drama, Crime, Action
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Burn Notice' Poster
A formerly blacklisted spy uses his unique skills and training to help people in desperate situations.
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Burn Notice

TV Show
USA Network
Drama, Crime, Action
7 Seasons
111 Episodes
A formerly blacklisted spy uses his unique skills and training to help people in desperate situations.
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Latest Episodes

Season 7 Episode 13
September 12th 2013
Sea Change
Sea Change
Season 7 Episode 12
September 5th 2013
Tipping Point
Tipping Point
Season 7 Episode 11
August 22nd 2013
Things Unseen
Things Unseen
Season 7 Episode 10
August 15th 2013
Bitter Pill
Bitter Pill
Season 7 Episode 9
August 8th 2013
Nature of the Beast
Nature of the Beast
Season 7 Episode 8
August 1st 2013
Psychological Warfare
Psychological Warfare
Season 7 Episode 7
July 25th 2013
All or Nothing
All or Nothing
Season 7 Episode 6
July 18th 2013
Exit Plan
Exit Plan
Season 7 Episode 5
July 11th 2013
Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms
Season 7 Episode 4
June 27th 2013
Jeffrey Donovan
Michael Westen
Gabrielle Anwar
Fiona Glenanne
Sharon Gless
Madeline Westen
Coby Bell
Jesse Porter
Chris Vance
Mason Gilroy
Dina Meyer
Michael Weston
Spencer Watkowski
Richard Schiff
Phillip Cowan
Esai Morales
Ernie Paseo
Moon Bloodgood
Detective Paxson
Todd Stashwick
Carmelo Dante
Josie Davis
April Luna
PJ Byrne
Stacey Conolly
John Mahoney
Seth Peterson
Nate Westen
Created By: Matt Nix

Featured Comments/Tips

chronic says...
12 years ago
one of my favourite shows mat nix knows how to make a great show it's a damn shame nobody else felt the same way about the good guys coz that show was brilliant.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  600
khouryrt says...
10 years ago
There's so much you can learn from Burn Notice and that doesn't begin to describe the breadth of this show: light comic moments, tension, and Michael's retreated professional demeanor contrasted with his funny impersonations, Fi's trigger happy persona, Sam's eagerness for women and drinks. But Michael's mom and Jesse are by far the highlight of the show for me :) It all culminated in a heart-warming finale that gave us closure and respect as fans of the show, something other series sometimes fail to do. An easy watch, a fun watch, an addictive watch.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
mashetee says...
10 years ago
This will always be my all-time favorite show. Just everything about it. I have to explain to people that The Walking Dead is my current favorite show but the all-time award goes to Burn Notice.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Dangigernes says...
5 years ago
A fun action spy show with a lot of great guest stars that got huge help from it's supporting cast, especially Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless. It really tried to have some intelligence in it's action and had often good explosions and car crashes. Sadly it also had way too many filler episodes and the "MacGyver" quality where our heroes seem to get themselves out of every danger by making a weapon from things they found on their way didn't help. It's light touch disappeared during it's final seasons when it got pretty dark, but my big question is this... What happened to Gabrielle Anwar's lips and face? She was so cute in 1992.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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