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Call the Midwife

TV Show
12 Seasons
93 Episodes
Drama, Family
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Call the Midwife' Poster
Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth.
Call the Midwife Poster

Call the Midwife

TV Show
Drama, Family
12 Seasons
93 Episodes
Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth.
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Season 12 Episode 8
February 26th 2023
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February 12th 2023
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Jessica Raine
Jenny Lee
Jennifer Kirby
Nurse Valerie Dyer
Vanessa Redgrave
Mature Jenny
Helen George
Trixie Franklin
Leonie Elliott
Nurse Lucille Anderson
Jenny Agutter
Sister Julienne
Judy Parfitt
Sister Monica Joan
Pam Ferris
Sister Evangelina
Stephen McGann
Dr. Turner
Bryony Hannah
Cynthia Miller
Laura Main
Sister Bernadette
Charlotte Ritchie
Barbara Gilbert
Linda Bassett
Nurse Phyllis Crane
Emerald Fennell
Patsy Mount
Victoria Yeates
Sister Winifred
Annabelle Apsion
Violet Buckle
Sophie Rundle
Pamela Saint
Michael Vardian
Nordic Sailor
Peter Svatik
Nordic Sailor #2
Dinita Gohil
Jamila Shahjee
Danny Walters
Leslie Matlin
Reece Pockney
Larry Aston
Created By: Heidi Thomas

Featured Comments/Tips

tvwatcherdenver says...
2 months ago
My wife loves to watch this show so I watch it with her - after all, if she can watch the type of TV I like then I can certainly watch the type of TV she likes! Overall, I could absolutely leave this show behind. The acting is actually pretty good, the story is decent, but to me it's the same basic show each week with an underlying season story arc that I never find particularly captivating. I could probably enjoy a 2 hour movie of this more than an hour each week. Some aspects have been interesting from time-to-time, like the evolution of medical knowledge and practices since that time, but otherwise it's just not super interesting to me.
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eringilmour says...
2 years ago
This is a really good winter depression watch it’s just babies being born and 90% of patients surviving illnesses while young women follow their dreams
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Charlie R says...
4 years ago
So, where are the Specials? There was a Christmas special episode every year. I 'collected' them. But I don't see them here, nor can I access them through my box.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  002
donda67 says...
4 years ago
Have delegated from my collection but it keeps showing up in progress!
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Featured User Reviews

8/10  7 years ago
This is a show that has unexpectedly touched me at times. The sincerity and quaint nature of each character and to their relationships matches the enduring spirit of those charged to pursue their faith or bring new life into the world. A subject that could easily be cheesy and procedural actually wr More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1001
3 years ago
This is a really good show and is one of the family programs with drama and humor that are often popular for family viewing. The show is based on a memoir written by a midwife, so it was a bit awkward when the co-lead actress left the show after a few seasons, but the show was strong enough to go o More
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