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Rectify Poster


TV Show
1h 0m
Crime, Drama
4 Seasons
30 Episodes
After 19 years on Death Row for the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, Daniel Holden is going home. His conviction has been vacated due to new DNA evidence. Now he has to return to a world he no longer knows and his reentry into the outside world may be as unforgiving as prison. Daniel is haunted by the past, dogged by the present, and uncertain of the future. As he struggles to adapt to his new life, his homecoming reignites the fears of a small town and threatens to shatter his family’s fragile peace. Daniel’s alleged crime divided a community. Will his freedom tear it in half?
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Hoopla Season 1-4


AppleTV Season 1-4
AppleTV Season 1-4
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Google Play Season 1-4
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VUDU Season 2-4
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YouTube Season 1-4
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Latest Episodes

All Im Sayin
All I'm Sayin'
Season 4 Episode 8
December 14th 2016
Happy Unburdening
Happy Unburdening
Season 4 Episode 7
December 7th 2016
Season 4 Episode 6
November 30th 2016
Pineapples In Paris
Pineapples In Paris
Season 4 Episode 5
November 23rd 2016
Go Ask Roger
Go Ask Roger
Season 4 Episode 4
November 16th 2016
Bob  Carol  Ted Jr  Alice
Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice
Season 4 Episode 3
November 9th 2016
Season 4 Episode 2
November 2nd 2016
A House Divided
A House Divided
Season 4 Episode 1
October 26th 2016
The Source
The Source
Season 3 Episode 6
August 13th 2015
The Future
The Future
Season 3 Episode 5
August 6th 2015
Abigail Spencer
Amantha Holden
Jake Austin Walker
Jared Talbot
Luke Kirby
Jon Stern
Ted Huckabee
Mitch Mitcherson
Michael ONeill
Senator Roland Foulkes
Sonny Shroyer
Mayor Johnny Daggett
Hal Holbrook
Rutherford Gaines
Sharon Conley
D.A. Sondra Person
Adam Minarovich
Jake Johnson
Christine Horn
Nurse Chambers
Lacy Camp
Aldis Hodge
Stefon Whitman
Derek Wilson
Kent Benny
Aaron Marcus
Gaines' Son-In-Law
Alex Elder
Maty Mitcherson
Adam Aalderks
Sheriff's Deputy
Lara Grice
Susan Gunter
Roxana Brusso
Lourdes Williams
Matt Lowe
Myke Holmes
Created By: Ray McKinnon

Featured Comments/Tips

Kizzh says...
10 years ago
A stunning and carefully crafted story, superbly and respectfully acted/directed by a relatively little known cast together with a sublime visual feast. I truly believe this is at the peak of television even with such competition in this so called golden age of the craft. a slow burn certainly which appeals to me between episodes of GOT for example. this should be the water cooler subject of the moment and deserves much more love. a truly emotional, at times even heartbreaking journey but one with much to love.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1900
feliprus says...
10 years ago
2 episodes in and I have to say I'm pretty damn impressed. This show's charm lies in its slow and methodical approach and also its absolutely stunning visual. Granted not many people would be hooked because this show seems purposely set in real time while also in slow motion. But goddamnit it works. People should at least try to see the pilot. It's pretty damn good. P.S.: Aden Young is fantastic - his portrayal as a distorted man is on point, at certain moments very serene, but also brutally dark when provoked. Very praise worthy performance.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  700
aldrinbrooow says...
9 years ago
Just made my fave shows library. Excellently done. The acting, direction, the story, the whole tone of the show. It's heavy stuff and has a slow pace, but at a level that is not too overwhelming. Definitely one of the great dramas on TV today.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  400
iiWejdan says...
8 years ago
Now i've managed to see the finale and say goodbye to one of the best shows i've ever lived through, i can gather my thoughts: I said lived through and i really mean it, as I saw myself in Amantha a lot of times and wished for more of her strength and heroism. Amantha's role in the show always resembled a strong link that binds the story together. One thing was perfectly highlighted this season, is the clinically depressed mother and how it was affecting her children all along and how they can never unburden themselves from it. Another thing worth mentioning here is the soft jokes that slipped in this season and drew a smile on our faces without any forcing. All in all, we leave the characters at a good place despite all the hurt they've endured and all the subtle farewells in their last lines. So Farewell Rectify i hope TV will create something like you one day.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300

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