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The Young Pope

Limited Series
1h 10m
Sky Atlantic
1 Season
10 Episodes
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The Young Pope' Poster
Lenny Belardo, the youngest and first American Pope in the history of the Church, must establish his new papacy and navigate the power struggles of the closed, secretive Vatican.
The Young Pope Poster

The Young Pope

Limited Series
1h 10m
Sky Atlantic
1 Season
10 Episodes
Lenny Belardo, the youngest and first American Pope in the history of the Church, must establish his new papacy and navigate the power struggles of the closed, secretive Vatican.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 9
Episode 9
Season 1 Episode 9
November 18th 2016
Episode 10
Episode 10
Season 1 Episode 10
November 18th 2016
Episode 7
Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 7
November 11th 2016
Episode 8
Episode 8
Season 1 Episode 8
November 11th 2016
Episode 5
Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 5
November 4th 2016
Episode 6
Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 6
November 4th 2016
Episode 3
Episode 3
Season 1 Episode 3
October 28th 2016
Episode 4
Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 4
October 28th 2016
Episode 1
Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 1
October 21st 2016
Episode 2
Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 2
October 21st 2016
Diane Keaton
Sister Mary
Silvio Orlando
Cardinal Voiello
Javier Cmara
Cardinal Gutierrez
Scott Shepherd
Cardinal Dussolier
Ccile de France
Sofia Dubois
Ludivine Sagnier
Esther Aubry
Toni Bertorelli
Cardinal Caltanissetta
James Cromwell
Cardinal Michael Spencer
Sebastian Roch
Cardinal Michel Marivaux
Ignazio Oliva
Father Valente
Marcello Romolo
Don Tommaso
Ramn Garca
Cardinal Aguirre
Nicoletta Cefaly
Sister Spencer
Allison Case
Young Sister Mary
Jacob Desvarieux
African Cardinal
Alessandra Fallucchi
Sister Spencer N.2
Maurizio Lombardi
Cardinal Mario Assente
Matteo Lai
Tour Guide
Giovanni Agr
Monsignor Glasses
Armando Pizzuti
Father Triregno
Alex Esola
Freddy Blakestone
Jude Law
Lenny Belardo / Pope Pius XIII

Featured Comments/Tips

boredom2 says...
7 years ago
awesome. clearly one of the best written, best played and most courageously composed dramas of 2016!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1600
chazTV says...
6 years ago
It's beautifully filmed, and I'm sure many will like the series. I wanted to like it, but for me it just dragged on and on. I found myself zoning out on a lot of it, with no desire to rewind to see what hadn't engaged me. Pretty to look at, but very dull.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1400
Castelgard says...
3 years ago
Ok so, I see that "The New Pope" is classified as another series on Trakt. And someone keeps on deleting Season 2 from here. Should we just leave The Young Pope as 1 season and The New Pope as 1 season? If so, delete Season 2 from here forever and be done with it but decide something!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  900
dinnyemano says...
6 years ago
I just binge watched it. The pilot was dragged me in. I had no interest to watch old men, politics and i dont care at all fo the catholic church. But MAN! It was just amazing. With it all thoughtfulness, beautiful human relations, Jude Law starting as a half psychopath,than slowly getting the fase of being lovebly childish as Sheldon from Bing Bang Theory, and in the end we all become to love him, and accept as a saint. And of course he looks awesome in jogger pants... :D The music selection was amazing, and the photography too... Overall...I enjoyed it. Wait for second season.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  600

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