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Deadtime Stories

1h 33m
Comedy, Horror
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Deadtime Stories' Poster
A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories: about a killer witch; Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf; and Goldi Lox and the three bears.
Deadtime Stories Poster

Deadtime Stories

1h 33m
Comedy, Horror
A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories: about a killer witch; Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf; and Goldi Lox and the three bears.
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Nicole Picard
Rachel (Red Riding Hood)
Matt Mitler
Willie (Werewolf)
Melissa Leo
Judith 'MaMa' Baer
Michael Mesmer
Uncle Mike
Brian DePersia
Little Brian
Kevin Hannon
Beresford 'Papa' Baer
Timothy Rule
Wilmont 'Baby' Baer
Anne Redfern
Barbara Seldon
Leigh Kilton
Jeffrey Delman
Strangling Man
Directed By: Jeffrey Delman

Featured Comments/Tips

TKPNPodcast says...
3 years ago
The music was terrible and the first two segments really didn't work. The last section was so over the top goofy, it kind of had me, but it had too deep to dig out of.
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jekyl6669 says...
7 years ago
Yeah... it's pretty bad. I'd say stay away unless you have a deep nostalgic connection to it. It's better left in the past, as a fun memory. The only decent segment is the original story...
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Featured User Reviews

9 months ago
I think the people who don't like movies like these are the people that expect well done high quality films every time they sit down to watch something... and not just stupid fun.

Deadtime Stories walks the like, it isn't exactly adult and it isn't exactly child friendly either, but so went most More
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2/10  2 years ago
"Deadtime Stories" is a three-tale Horror anthology inside a wrap-around story of an uncle trying to get his nephew to go to bed. The uncle tells the sleepless boy about two evil witches trying to raise their sister from the dead. This one is the most redeeming of the lot because it features a corps More
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