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Good Will Hunting

2h 7m
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Good Will Hunting' Poster
When professors discover that an aimless janitor is also a math genius, a therapist helps the young man confront the demons that are holding him back.
Good Will Hunting Poster

Good Will Hunting

2h 7m
When professors discover that an aimless janitor is also a math genius, a therapist helps the young man confront the demons that are holding him back.
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Matt Damon
Will Hunting
Robin Williams
Sean Maguire
Ben Affleck
Chuckie Sullivan
Stellan Skarsgrd
Gerald Lambeau
Casey Affleck
Morgan O'Mally
Cole Hauser
Billy McBride
Vik Sahay
MIT Student
Matt Mercier
Barbershop Quartet #1
Ralph St George
Barbershop Quartet #2
Rob Lynds
Barbershop Quartet #3
Dan Washington
Barbershop Quartet #4
Alison Folland
MIT Student
Shannon Egleson
Girl on Street
Rob Lyons
Carmine Scarpaglia
Steven Kozlowski
Carmine Friend #1
Philip Williams
Head Custodian
Patrick ODonnell
Assistant Custodian
Kevin Rushton
Courtroom Guard
Directed By: Gus Van Sant
Written By: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

Featured Comments/Tips

Reza_Eb says...
10 years ago
R I P robin williams :(
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1600
selcukermaya says...
10 years ago
RIP Robin Williams. Amazing movie. I can't believe myself I didn't watch it until this time...
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  901
saturn6962 says...
9 years ago
The dialog in this film is fantastic.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
irine_elle says...
3 years ago
This movie is exactly what any teenager needs to see before making any choice. Not necessarily a career choice. Any choice. The chemistry between the main character and the love interest felt dry in comparison with any other relationship in this film. That was a little sad to see but the metaphor still stands.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300

Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
So great!

'Good Will Hunting' is a film I had heard many a great thing about but had never actually seen it so didn't know anything about the plot - so much so that I genuinely thought it was about the good will of hunting or something... and certainly not about a character named Will Hu More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
5 years ago
Will Hunting, is a working class 20 year old mathematical genius, and yet chooses to shun a university education, preferring instead to be a janitor at Harvard university.

At a social level he is headstrong, arrogant, likes getting into fights as well as ending up in police cells for his regular More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
5 months ago
"Will" (Matt Damon) is a rudderless character who works as a caretaker. He's an attitudinal pain in the neck whom, aside from his best friend "Chuckie" (Ben Affleck), is pretty much shunned by everyone. "Professor Lambeau" (Stellan Skarsgård) spots some potential in this wayward lad, especially whe More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Filipe Manuel Neto
5 months ago
**A very good film, but with some flaws and problems that deserve attention.**

This film is about a boy from Boston, who comes from very poor backgrounds, but who has a gift for mathematics, easily solving theorems and advanced problems that leave Harvard professors unanswered. He is discovered a More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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