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Save Yourselves!

1h 33m
Comedy, Science Fiction
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Save Yourselves' Poster
A young Brooklyn couple head upstate to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with themselves. Cut off from their devices, they miss the news that the planet is under attack.
Save Yourselves Poster

Save Yourselves!

1h 33m
Comedy, Science Fiction
A young Brooklyn couple head upstate to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with themselves. Cut off from their devices, they miss the news that the planet is under attack.
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alexnader says...
3 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
Very meh movie. Not much of a story, not much info given to us to explain anything, and ends on basically a cliffhanger to nowhere. Overall story has a very "indie" feel to it (which I'm realizing as I'm seeing the credits roll, is probably the case). Not sure what else to say. It's more so a story about the relationship between the two main characters, back-dropped by the [spoiler] alien [/spoiler] story. So watch this if that's what you're into, NOT because of the sci-fi stuff. I'm seriously losing count of the number of times I've gotten suckered into watching a movie, that turned out to only have the faintest trace of sci-fi in it.
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TKPNPodcast says...
3 years ago
Here's the concept: What if two technology addicted Millenial hipsters were met with an alien invasion when they haven't been able to handle "adulting" yet without a top 10 list from the internet? Here's your answer: The audience becomes bored. 3/10
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miguelreina says...
3 years ago
[Sitges FF] A refreshing comedy that describes an entire generation. Addiction to technology, lack of commitment in the couple, lack of connection with nature... The invasion of extraterrestrial poufs works as a catharsis. Making an alien invasion movie with just two characters has merit. It's true that it faults when the action takes over the story, but it solves the defects with some magnificent moments.
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Triseult says...
2 years ago
This is very much a one-joke indie SF film that doesn't really end. I thought the girl's performance was great, and some of the writing around two clueless Millennials trying to disconnect was fun, but overall the movie was a big waste of time. One thing that stands out to me, though, is how genuine the relationship between the leads felt. It really felt like they loved each other despite their mutual limitations. Can't say I recommend it, though.
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
Really great watch, would watch again, and can recommend.

This is an amazing approach to the alien invasion trope masked with a existential revelation style trope.

Honestly, I think its big mistake was using (or at least going out of its way to concentrate humor on) Brooklyn hipsters, it is re More
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4/10  one year ago
Unfortunately a massive waste of time. The premise is good, the meat of the story drags a bit, but I was bought in to it until the ending which leaves you with little to no payoff. Some “high-brow” stuff was clearly being attempted. Meant to trigger discussions about the interpretation of the en More
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2 years ago
Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson haven't imagined the apocalypse with the fullness of imagination it requires - much less the weight - perhaps because, like most comedies with a side of romance, 'Save Yourselves!' is supposed to go down easy. But there's real wisdom and honesty to the way this More
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