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Veronica Guerin Poster

Veronica Guerin

1h 38m
Drama, Crime, Thriller
In this true story, Veronica Guerin is an investigative reporter for an Irish newspaper. As the drug trade begins to bleed into the mainstream, Guerin decides to take on and expose those responsible. Beginning at the bottom with addicts, Guerin then gets in touch with John Traynor, a paranoid informant. Not without some prodding, Traynor leads her to John Gilligan, the ruthless head of the operation, who does not take kindly to Guerin's nosing.
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Cate Blanchett
Veronica Guerin
Colin Farrell
Tattooed Boy
Gerard McSorley
John Gilligan
Ciarn Hinds
John Traynor
Brenda Fricker
Bernie Guerin
Don Wycherley
Chris Mulligan
Barry Barnes
Graham Turley
Paul Ronan
Jimmy Guerin
Simon ODriscoll
Cathal Turley
Gerry OBrien
Martin Cahill
Emmet Bergin
Aengus Fanning
Mark Lambert
Willie Kealy
Garrett Keogh
Tony Gregory
Maria McDermottroe
Geraldine Gilligan
Paudge Behan
Brian Meehan
Joe Hanley
Eugene 'Dutchie' Holland
David Murray
Charles Bowden
Karl Shiels
Gilligan Gang Member #1
Barry McEvoy
Gilligan Gang Member #2
Gina Costigan
Traynor's Girlfriend
Alan Devine
Gerry Hutch
Gabrielle Reidy
Frances Cahill
Paul Roe
Tommy Mullen
David Herlihy
Peter 'Fatso' Mitchell
Written By: Mary Agnes Donoghue (Screenplay), Carol Doyle (Screenplay), + 1 more

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beardedmovienut says...
6 months ago
True stories made right can be a very powerful experience and Veronica Guerin turned out to be quite the decent little crime drama, and that is despite a script can be a little iffy in places. What carries this film is an enormous performance by Cate Blanchett. The rest of the cast is also well above average, and that makes this quite the pleasant watch. I knew the story about Veronica Guerin from one of my deep dives into the history of organized crime and gangs, and that made some of the narrative choices that Schumacher did a bit weird to me, but as I said above... Cate Blanchetts performance really makes this film. Recommended!!!
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FinFan says...
7 years ago
A relly good movie about a remarkable woman.
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Featured User Reviews

6/10  6 years ago
***Solid True-Story Irish Crime Tale***

Cate Blanchett has done it again - played someone you can't take your eyes off of, and not because she's a classic beauty but she's just a good actress and plays such intense roles. Here, she's the single-minded outraged Irish reporter out t More
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John Chard
4 years ago
You'd do the same. If you saw those kids on the street, you would do the same.

The assassination of Dublin crime reporter Veronica Guerin in 1996 shook Ireland to the core, her murder saw a public swell of determination to rid the country of its drug peddlers. Joel Schumacher's film is an in dep More
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