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Luke Cage

TV Show
2 Seasons
26 Episodes
Drama, Crime, Action, Science Fiction
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Luke Cage' Poster
Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.
Luke Cage Poster

Luke Cage

TV Show
Drama, Crime, Action, Science Fiction
2 Seasons
26 Episodes
Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.
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Soul Brother #1
Season 2 Episode 1
June 22nd 2018
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Straighten It Out
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Wig Out
Season 2 Episode 3
June 22nd 2018
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June 22nd 2018
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All Souled Out
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June 22nd 2018
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June 22nd 2018
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For Pete's Sake
Season 2 Episode 9
June 22nd 2018
The Main Ingredient
The Main Ingredient
Season 2 Episode 10
June 22nd 2018
Mike Colter
Luke Cage
Alfre Woodard
Mariah Dillard
Mahershala Ali
Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes
Simone Missick
Misty Knight
Theo Rossi
Hernan ‘Shades’ Alvarez
Mustafa Shakir
John 'Bushmaster' McIver
Erik LaRay Harvey
Willis 'Diamondback' Stryker
Rosario Dawson
Claire Temple
Sonja Sohn
Captain Betty Audrey
Frankie Faison
Henry 'Pop' Hunter
Rachael Taylor
Patricia 'Trish' Walker (voice)
Chaz Lamar Shepherd
Raymond 'Piranha' Jones
Rob Morgan
Turk Barrett
Kevin Mambo
Sheldon Shaw
Gabrielle Dennis
Tilda Johnson
Heather Simms
Auntie Ingrid
Frank Whaley
Rafael Scarfe
Michael Kostroff
Dr. Noah Burstein
Lynn Marocola
NYPD Police Officer (uncredited)
Created By: Cheo Hodari Coker

Featured Comments/Tips

Alexsrt10 says...
8 years ago
I don't understand why everyone likes this show so much, it was really bad I just wanted each episode to end. Their was no suspense at all yet rotten tomatoes gave it a 95% really, it was trash just garbage the acting the fight all lame. So can some one explain to me why everyone likes it so much?
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  2103
x0tt says...
8 years ago
Everything I hoped it would be.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1400
jshwlr says...
8 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
IMO the weakest of the four seasons from the Marvel Netflix shows so far. I still enjoyed it because there are still great parts to it. Like the music or the acting but after a certain characters death in episode 7 it just got kinda boring mainly because it lacked a interesting villain.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1302
Nancy L Draper says...
8 years ago
I was waiting with anticipation for this latest Netflix contribution to the Marvel universe, and SO wanted it to be good. Daredevil was superb (9), Jessica Jones started slow then pulled up to great (8), But Luke Cage never got out of the gate. It spent far too much time in narrative and scrimped on creating tension, suspense, and building relationships and producing action. It had all elements of success - the Marvel world to build on, a great black cast (with some serious potential sizzle), the identifiable microcosm of Harlem, even the availability of good jazz (which was used to epic failure as they imposed it on the scenes rather than weaving it into the story telling). Disappointed, I give the series a 5 (meh) out of 10, and I faithfully watched every episode, and re watched the ones through which I fell asleep.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  400

Featured User Reviews

6/10  8 years ago
in short the pacing of each episode and the season as a whole is all wrong.
wasting too much time to getting to the point, next to no fight scenes comparing to other shows like this in the season.
all fights and action filled scenes are over all too quickly.
a character and actor that was lovab More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  401
6/10  2 years ago
"Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" are both shows I love, so another acclaimed series off of Marvel & Netflix's run of shows was meant to be right up my alley. Unfortunately, "Luke Cage" left me rather lukewarm (sry for the pun). I meant to drop it after the first season, but reading some opinions More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
5 months ago
It was frickin' awesome!

Before Black Panther, Luke Cage was a nod to blacksploitation superhero.
Sadly, it only lasted two seasons and the last season finale left a bad taste.
Still, it was heck of a good show from Netflix.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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