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TV Show
1 Season
8 Episodes
Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
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Many years after the events of the original film, legendary sorcerer Willow leads a group of misfit heroes on a dangerous rescue mission through a world beyond their wildest imaginations.
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TV Show
Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
1 Season
8 Episodes
Many years after the events of the original film, legendary sorcerer Willow leads a group of misfit heroes on a dangerous rescue mission through a world beyond their wildest imaginations.
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Latest Episodes

Children of the Wyrm
Children of the Wyrm
Season 1 Episode 8
January 11th 2023
Beyond the Shattered Sea
Beyond the Shattered Sea
Season 1 Episode 7
January 4th 2023
Prisoners of Skellin
Prisoners of Skellin
Season 1 Episode 6
December 28th 2022
Season 1 Episode 5
December 21st 2022
The Whispers of Nockmaar
The Whispers of Nockmaar
Season 1 Episode 4
December 14th 2022
The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb
The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb
Season 1 Episode 3
December 7th 2022
The Gales
The Gales
Season 1 Episode 1
November 30th 2022
The High Aldwin
The High Aldwin
Season 1 Episode 2
November 30th 2022
Warwick Davis
Willow Ufgood
Ruby Cruz
Princess Kit Tanthalos
Erin Kellyman
Jade Claymore
Tony Revolori
Prince Graydon Hastur
Amar ChadhaPatel
Thraxus Boorman
Dempsey Bryk
Prince Airk Tanthalos
Annabelle Davis
Mims Ufgood
Jack Kilmer
Madmartigan (voice)
Joanne Whalley
Queen Sorsha
Simon Armstrong
Jørgen Kase
Ralph Ineson
Commander Ballantine
Derek Horsham
King Hastur
Talisa Garcia
Queen Arianna
Eldredd Wolf
Guard (uncredited)
Miguel ngel Luque
Guard (uncredited)
Paul Ginns
Guard (uncredited)
Created By: Jonathan Kasdan

Featured Comments/Tips

superhans677 says...
2 years ago
Watched the first 2 episodes. Love it so far. Saw these awful comments and decided to write a review. In 2 episodes there is one scene that has a kiss between 2 female characters. It seemed tasteful and natural for the scene. The people that cannot handle this sort of stuff should stick to Kirk Cameron movies. This show has the same feel to it that the movie does. I am excited to watch the rest of the series.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  804
daniel.e.jones@me.com says...
2 years ago
I've watched three episodes and I'm trying to understand the connection of this TV show to the 80's movie I enjoy (Apart from a few name drops). Yes, there are some actors from the original movie. But the plot seems lost and I left wondering what this is all about. I miss the silliness/campiness of Madmartigan (Val Kilmer). The strong female role of Sorsha (Joanne Whalley) and the evilness of Bavmorda (Jean Marsh - FYI *Love her!*) and finally Willow Ufgood as the native wannabe magic user (Warwick Davis). There are no likeable characters here and we are left with a weak/non exist storyline. This is classic Disney, taking a well known brand/cult following and milking/ruining it! I hope they don't make another season! But check out the remake of The Equalizer (2021) if you want to see another example of a poor remake. But they keep making season....
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  502
kingy72 says...
2 years ago
Just like Rings of power,this looks like a massive pile of steaming shite....Disney are a total bunch of bellends only trying to impress the woke brigade.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  504
tvwatcherdenver says...
one year ago
This show is rightfully canceled after the first season. The show was written to serve a purpose: for the writers to shove their agenda down your throat at the expense of a beloved character and movie. This is obvious in the first two minutes of the first episode. But it's more than just that, this show has no depth of characters, a cheesy storyline that was an afterthought to the agenda and acting that is on par with silly 80's TV shows - which is to say that the acting, again, was an afterthought and the director of this doesn't even attempt to bring any sense of entertainment to you because this was not the shows primary purpose. This series had so much potential to be a great piece of fantasy television. Willow was a character we all loved in the movie, the story itself was cute, perhaps corny, but cute. This steaming pile of garbage has no appeal to anyone outside those who applaud agendas.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200

Featured User Reviews

1/10  2 years ago
Why does Disney insist on destroying beloved shows? Even by Disney’s account, this isn’t a story about WILLOW, it’s a story “centered on a queer romance”. So it becomes a virtue signaling agenda based show instead of a fantasy show - and if it has a gay character, whatever, but does it n More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1001
6/10  one year ago
As a fan of the original movie, I had high hopes for the series.

Tragically, I’m sorely disappointed :cry:

I’m at a loss to how Disney could have made such an utter mess.

The original movie is funny, magical and told so well. It’s one of my favourite children’s fantasy movies. But, the More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
one year ago
I'm writing this with 1 episode left of season 1.


- Enjoying being back in the world of Willow
- Mostly a fun show that doesn't take itself too serious
- I like the actors in this on the whole Ellie, Erin and Ruby I think are excellent
- Warwick is always great even if his acting isn't More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
one year ago
This is a wonderful TV show about a boring lesbian couple that really don't do anything in the face of great danger as the titular character is shamed at every turn for living with the disability of masculinity.

Once upon a time Willow, the movie, was a fun epic of adventure and magic. Now it's More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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