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The Curse of Bridge Hollow

1h 29m
Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Family
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The Curse of Bridge Hollow' Poster
A Halloween-hating dad reluctantly teams up with his teenage daughter when an evil spirit wreaks havoc by making their town's decorations come to life.
The Curse of Bridge Hollow Poster

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

1h 29m
Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Family
A Halloween-hating dad reluctantly teams up with his teenage daughter when an evil spirit wreaks havoc by making their town's decorations come to life.
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Marlon Wayans
Howard Gordon
Priah Ferguson
Sydney Gordon
Kelly Rowland
Emily Gordon
John Michael Higgins
Principal Floyd
Lauren Lapkus
Mayor Tammy
Nia Vardalos
Madam Hawthorne
Helen SlaytonHughes
Victoria Hawthorne
Doug Dawson
Stingy Jack Ghost
Pfeiffer Yaeger
Young Victoria
Finn Carmichael
Skeleton Kid
Jonathan Kite
Mr. Skinner
Kay Hall
Old Woman
David A Cooper
Father Ben
Dave Sheridan
Farmer Brown
Keil Oakley Zepernick
Stingy Jack Effigy
Nickolas Wolf
BJ Guyer
Bat Puppeteer
Chris Thomas Hayes
Skeleton Puppeteer #1
Kiera E Robbins
Skeleton Puppeteer #2
Molly Coffee
Skeleton Puppeteer #3
Directed By: Jeff Wadlow
Written By: Todd Berger (Screenplay), John R. Morey (Story), + 1 more

Featured Comments/Tips

lilaa2020 says...
8 months ago
this movie was great I would of tasted higher if they didn't throw in all the racist hateful comments as always. tired of the hate going between everyone. daughter was great.
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RareSong says...
8 months ago
It's a typical lighthearted Halloween movie that the whole family can enjoy. Of course it's not scary, but it's fun to watch. I enjoyed it.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Acoucalancha says...
8 months ago
Heavy on the Halloween aesthetics and Priah Ferguson is charming and confident as usual. It's not scary in the slightest and not all the jokes land but I believe it would make a decent family movie for the Halloween season as an easy watch. Lots of fun moments, my favorite was the spider.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Jaybee289 says...
7 months ago
While it had its moments, this wasn't for me. This film feels aimed at a younger audience and therefore I appreciate I'm not the target audience. However, this had the promise of being a fun light-hearted horror movie for the whole family to enjoy, and yet this was hard to watch with most jokes not landing. 4/10 - Below-average film, would rewatch it if someone else was desperate to.
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Featured User Reviews

6/10  4 months ago
a perfectly fun family movie.

There is a term I may need to coin that's not jingoism but an equivalent for when rather than being hyper pro militaristic they're hyper pro American messiness. The example that jumps to mind is Daddy Daycare when they go to the zoo or whatever and there's and "bad" More
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