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Vertical Limit Poster

Vertical Limit

2h 4m
Adventure, Action, Thriller
Trapped near the summit of K2, the world's second-highest mountain, Annie Garrett radios to base camp for help. Brother Peter hears Annie's message and assembles a team to save her and her group before they succumb to K2's unforgiving elements. But, as Annie lays injured in an icy cavern, the rescuers face several terrifying events that could end the rescue attempt -- and their lives.
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Chris ODonnell
Peter Garrett
Robin Tunney
Annie Garrett
Bill Paxton
Elliot Vaughn
Scott Glenn
Montgomery Wick
Izabella Scorupco
Monique Aubertine
Nicholas Lea
Tom McLaren
Temuera Morrison
Major Rasul
Alexander Siddig
Kareem Nazir
Stuart Wilson
Royce Garrett
Roshan Seth
Colonel Amir Salim
Rod Brown
Ali Hasan
Ben Mendelsohn
Malcolm Bench
Robert Taylor
Skip Taylor
Campbell Cooley
Leela Patel
Mayama Wick
Josephine Davison
Italian Team Member
Tiffany de Castro
Crying Woman

Featured Comments/Tips

CinemanicBonkers says...
4 years ago
I’ve had this on my watchlist since I saw it in blockbuster many years back and just didn’t get around to watching till now. RIP blockbuster. Well the film didn’t let me down, the rope was strong on this one and it was fun to watch and tense at times and definitely had me climbing with the great cast, action, picture and script. RIP Bill Paxton, he’ll live in his films.
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breakawaymagazine says...
10 years ago
Snow Covered Film Review With winter winding down I have been celebrating the last of a very long winter with some snow movies - Winter in Wartime, Alaska, and Vertical Limit. This film, like Alaska, I had watched when it first came out but didn’t really remember much of it, so I watched it again in a high def on my big screen and that of course makes a big difference when you are watching all the breathtaking scenery of mountain climbers battling the elements! This is a really exciting action film, and so far t I think has stood the test of time (it is now 13 years old!) Sure it is not perfect, I am sure it is full of inaccuracies and some of the effects at the begging were giveaway. But I like that at the heart of it is a brother stopping at nothing and putting himself in harms way to constantly save his sister. 7/10 (Good) Breakaway Daily http://breakawaydaily.com
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
_**A Fun Time but overKILL to the Extreme**_

I had high hopes for this film after seeing the thrilling opening sequence in Monument Valley, Utah; but, alas, it was not to be.

THE STORY: A famous female climber gets stuck in an ice cave with two others near the top of K2, the second highest mou More
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3 years ago
Some parts were dumb (the nitro bombs for instance) and the CGI not always the best (albeit this was 20 years ago, so some forgiveness) but I liked the cast, Bill Paxton, Robin Tunney and Scott Glenn especially, and thought all in all was an entertaining enough survival-thriller. **3.25/5**
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